Hi, I'm Little One, a 16-year-old chinchilla from Toronto.

Welcome to my website!

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little one the chinchilla peers out from the cage, staring directly with bright eyes.

Little One's Sweet Sixteen Game

Little One is turning sixteen years old!

We'd like to invite you to celebrate with us virtually, in this little maze game.

In it, you will be playing as Little One herself, and you will be navigating a maze that your chinchilla friends have created to celebrate your birthday. Get to the end, and you'll find yourself at the perfect chinchilla birthday party!

  • To play using a keyboard, you can use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate. Interact with items by walking on top of them, and advance through dialogue with any button.

  • To play on a touchscreen, swipe in any direction within the game area to navigate. Interact with items by walking on top of them, and advance through dialogue by tapping the screen.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Game art, design, and creation by Veronica Ing

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Thank you for celebrating with us!

Thank you for coming to Little One's virtual Sweet Sixteen!

You can see more of Little One on Instagram (@onelilchichi).

We'd like to thank Little One's Chinchilla Friends, Mochi, Ashes and Sooty, and Atlas and Ande, and Little One's cat-sibling Meringue for being part of her Sweet Sixteen game!

Veronica and Lukas, Little One's caretakers

About Me

I'm Little One, a chinchilla from Toronto. I'm almost 16 years old but still young at heart!

My pet-parents think I'm the best chinchilla, so they built this website to show the world that they mean it, and showcase a gallery of images that proves that it's true. My hobbies include sleeping, eating, begging for treats, taking dust baths, digging around my cage, jumping, and snooping around in everything. My favourite food is hay and my favourite treats are dehydrated rosehips. My favourite toys are the dangly wooden type. I love listening to classical guitar and jazz music.

I'm also a brand ambassador for Mochi Approved, a chinchilla treat, toy, and supply store from Toronto! Use my code ONELILCHI10 for 10% off!